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Change Project 2018

This term, Year 5 have the brilliant opportunity to work with two very special people – an artist and an engineer! We are taking part in the ‘Change Project’, which blends art and science together to create amazing artistic results. We are feeling very inspired! Read on to find out more about our sessions.

Session 1
What a great start, we’re already enthusiastic and working like a well-oiled machine in our project featuring… rust! Humeera, our Cummins buddy, introduced us to turbo engines and explained how this chemical reaction is researched and avoided in the world of engineering - we’re fascinated! We began with two experiments this week using tap water, boiled water, salted water, salt, oil and nails – we can’t wait to find out the results! This week we also used pre-rusted metals and began experimenting with ways of trapping them in paper and fabrics, trying to get them to rust even more by using vinegar. We can’t wait for next week to see what happens!
“I enjoyed the science experiments and I can’t wait to see how much rust the nails have after a week!” Eshal.
“I liked the science experiments because I got to meet the engineer and I learnt lots of things and science is very interesting.” Hibbah.
“My favourite part was when we were making everything on paper with screws.”
“My favourite bit was when we made the patterns with the nails.”
“I like the science and art because we got to do experiments and do rusty old pictures and find out new things.” Mia.
“What I liked? Being shown a turbocharger! I learnt it went in a train engine. I am looking forward to the results on rust.” James.
“The thing I liked about the art and science lesson was that it was really creative and fun. I have never had a science and art lesson like this before so I really appreciate having this lesson with you. Thank you!” Humairaa.


Session 2

Our rusting experiments have worked! We learnt that the salt in the water helps to speed up the rusting process. Our Cummins buddy, Sarah-Jane, explained this to us in more detail and we now realise  how important air is to the rusting process. We started creating our emoji characters that are to feature in our final design; we were much more confident with the materials this week. Inspired by Sarah-Jane’s measured drawings for the engineered parts she designs for turbo engines, we learnt how and why they are created and learnt how to create similar drawings ourselves…we’re inspired and don’t want the session to end!

“I enjoyed the art because we made emojis out of nails. I found the rubber part hard but I did it.” Eshal.

“I liked making the emojis because we got to make mini friends and the next time we see them they will be rusty.“ Mia.

“I enjoyed meeting a real life scientist and learning all about her job. I felt very inspired.” Hibbah.

“My favourite part was everything!” Juwariah.

“I enjoyed looking at the designer's plan and creating our own!” Umar.

“I'm going to make one at home!” Umar.

“Such a fantastic opportunity for our children, meeting a real-life scientist and artist! It's wonderful to see the children so engaged and inspired; they ask questions and talk about what they have done for days afterwards.”  Miss Khan. 

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