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Welcome to Class 1!


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What we are learning this term



Children will focus on:

Measurement: Length and Height Measure and begin to record lengths and heights.

Compare, describe and solve practical problems for: lengths and heights (for example, long/short, longer/shorter, tall/short, double/half). We will measure weight, volume and capacity.

Encourage your child to talk about length and begin to estimate lengths around them. If possible allow them to help with weighing for baking. Ensure that your child completes their Numeracy homework.


We will be looking at Safe searching. The internet is the biggest library in the world. You can find almost anything you want to, from TV shows to sports results and homework help online. Children will learn some top tips on how to search online and get SMART results.

If you have a computer and the internet at home help your child to use it safely. 


In this unit the children will consider the question "Why do we remember Florence Nightingale?" This unit looks at her life, why she went to the Crimea, and what happened as a result of her work. It builds on previous units by focusing on the way of life of a famous person who lived at the time before living memory, and it also contributes to cross-curricular work. The aim is to stretch and challenge all children, regardless of their ability, whilst teaching literacy skills through history. It will provide the children with an in-depth focus so that they will be able to remember it more clearly. In addition to this topic we will be looking closely at the festival of Easter and its meaning for Christmas. 


In English this half term we will be following the New Primary Curriculum and looking at Traditional Stories and Fairy Stories. We will look specifically at the features of these stories. Our World Book Day theme will focus on Fairy story characters. We will also be exploring poetry.

Please help your child to learn their spellings each week and aim to read for 10 minutes every day together.

Encourage your children to change their home-school reading book regularly.

Help your child with correct letter formation.

It would be useful for your children to listen to and read fairy stories at home.


In Science, this half term, children will observe changes across the 4 seasons in the context of the weather. They will describe how the weather changes across the seasons and observe and describe how day length varies. 

Help your child research their Science topics using the internet and non-fiction texts.

Ask your children what they have learned in Science and ask them to identify weather types around them. 


We will be looking at Cyber Bullying

We will be defining and understanding cyberbullying and its consequences, looking at online dangers, developing positive behaviours online and promoting active participation and discussion.

If you have a computer and the internet at home help your child to use it safely. 

Additional information

Children will be visiting Eureka on the 26th March. 


Children will:

Link sounds to letters, naming and sounding letters of the alphabet

Explore and experiment with sounds, words and texts

Hear and say sounds in words in the order in which they occur

Blend CVC words and recognise common digraphs such as ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, ar.

Use their phonic knowledge to read simple regular words and make phonetically plausible attempts at longer and more complex words. We will concentrate on ‘high frequency’ words such as ‘and’ and ‘the’. Children should be able to read them and spell them, by the end of the school year.

Please practise letter sounds and letter formation with your children.  If you would like a list of high frequency words to practice with your child at home please see me.


This half term our topic will be Games and basic skills of various games.

We do PE on Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure that your child brings the correct PE kit to school.


Homework will be sent home on Fridays and should be returned completed by Thursday of the following week. It will link with topics taught in the classroom. There will also be spellings to learn and Mental Maths questions for a test. 

Help your child to learn their spellings each week and mental maths when given.






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