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Welcome to Class 3!



We are reading and writing in a range of genres this term, including Just- So stories and newspaper reports. We will incorporate our topic into these, encouraging the children to write for a purpose. 


We are completing our topic of ‘light’ by investigating shadows and discovering how they are formed.

We will begin our work on ‘plants’ where we will learn the names of different parts of plants, and the jobs they do. We will investigate what plants need to grow well and will be able to know and label parts of a flower. 


We are discussing the importance of staying safe online. We will be having a ‘staying safe online’ week and will be developing our ICT skills, even setting up or on DB accounts. 


For further information and to help support your child in Maths, please click HERE.


We are discovering countries and continents around the globe that have a range of climates and biomes. We will discover animals and plants that are adapted to different climates and how they thrive in these environments.  


In PE, we will be learning a range of invasion games, including netball, bench ball and rugby. We will be developing key skills such as passing, throwing and catching, as well as team building and communication. 

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We are looking at statistics and data handling; presenting data in a range of ways including bar charts and pictograms.

We will begin measuring, comparing and converting lengths and finding the perimeter of objects. 

Please help your children by practicing their times tables, particularly 3, 4  and 8. This will help with their fluency and understanding. 


Our homework will be set on Friday to be brought back to school on Wednesday. Children should practise their handwriting, reading and times tables as often as they can at home as well as completing any English and Maths tasks set. 

We ask parents to encourage children to practise key skills such as handwriting and times tables. Please listen to your child read every day.


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