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Welcome to Reception Class!



What we are learning this term

This term the children wll be settling into their neew routines in our Reception classroom. Every morning the children have different activities to complete when they arrive, these include playdough gym, writing their name, practising numerals and letters and threading beads. All of these activities will help them improve their fine motor skills.

Our topic this term is friends and family.

We will be discussing our families and drawing pictures of them using different media.

To help develop new friendships within the classroom we will be introducing our school and class rules to help with our sharing and caring abilities.

We will learn how to read and write new sounds.

We will learn how to count to 5 and beyond and recognise numerals of personal significance.


Parents and families can help by:

- Teaching your child to put their own coats and shoes on and to dress themselves.

- Ensure they have their PE kit ready for Mondays session.



This term we will be learning our new routines and settling into our classroom environment and also becoming much more independent. We will be learning to fasten our coats, dress and undress for PE. We will all be making new friends and we will discuss what a good friend is and how to treat others the same way as we would wish to be trated. ourselves.


During our Maths sessions we will be learning to recognise numerals 1-10 and count accurately 1-10 and then beyond 10. We will be matching the correct numeral to the amount by using counters, numicon and our own bodies to count claps and jumps. We will be starting to make our number books to remember how to write the numerals.


This term we will be reading books about starting school, our bodies, festivals and celebrations. We will be learning how to sound letters using our phonics and also how to form the letters correctly. We will be learning how to recognise our own name and how to write it. We will be starting to bring home our reading books which will start with picture books to discuss and then move onto books with words that we can blend in them. We will be making cards and presents for a school bear. We will be making cards and presents for a school bear. We will be discussing our families and friends and will be writing about them as well as labelling body parts.

Understanding of the world

We are starting to look at people who are important to us and who is in our family. We will then be looking at who our new friends are and what makes a good friend. We will be joining in with bears birthday party and looking at differences between ours and others celebrations, such as birthdays, harvest festival and Diwali.


We are starting to learn some new sounds using Read Write Inc. These sessions will help us learn how to say the sound to help us read and blend our words and also learn to form the letters correctly. To help us with this we are bringing sound books home so that we can practise them and show you how we use these sounds.