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Welcome to Reception Class!



What we are learning this term

This term the children wll be settling into their neew routines in our Reception classroom. Every morning the children have different activities to complete when they arrive, these include playdough gym, writing their name, practising numerals and letters and threading beads. All of these activities will help them improve their fine motor skills.

Our topic this term is friends and family.

We will be discussing our families and drawing pictures of them using different media.

To help develop new friendships within the classroom we will be introducing our school and class rules to help with our sharing and caring abilities.

We will learn how to read and write new sounds.

We will learn how to count to 5 and beyond and recognise numerals of personal significance.


Parents and families can help by:

- Teaching your child to put their own coats and shoes on and to dress themselves.

- Ensure they have their PE kit ready for Mondays session.



This term we will be starting to look closely at 2D shapes and their properties. We will be using 3D shapes to make rockets and using 2D shapes to print rockets for bonfire week. We will then be looking at money as we role play buying gifts. We will continue to recognise our numerals and also our counting. During the last three weeks of term we will start to use words for addition and subtraction, taking away from a group of objects and adding two groups together.


Most of the children can now recognise their own name, well done everyone. We will be continuing to write our own name and also hear and say the initial sound in words. We will be using the sounds that we have learned in our phonics lessons to help us to write words and also read them. During Halloween week we will be making potions using rhyming words. Each book will be discussed and we will be looking at the settings of the books. The activities that we introduce will encourage our writing skills, such as weaving, helping to scoop out a pumpkin and dancing to music, all of these will help to develop our muscles. We will also be role playing some of the characters.


In phonics we are continuing to learn our Set 1 and some of us are learning out Set 2 sounds. We use our sound books that we take home to encourage learning the sounds that we learn and then we move onto blending sounds to make words to read. Some of us are now ready to start segmenting the sounds that we hear to help us to write.


Our topic this half term is Light and Dark. We will use different story books such as Winnie the Witch, Hovis the Hedgehog and the dark night, Whatever next, Laura‚Äôs star, The Jolly Christmas Postman and The Nativity. All of these books will teach us about light and dark nights and what is in the sky. Our topic activities will be based around the book that we are using for the week. We will be looking closely at the difference between light and dark by setting up a dark den. 


Nathan will be coming in once a week during our PE session. During Nathans sessions we learn to move in different ways and have been learning some new group games.

Please make sure that your child has a PE kit on a Monday morning as this is our PE session.


The children will continue to bring home their reading books and if they read at home please sign their books so that they can move up the reading rocket and come into school in non-uniform. We also send home sound books that have new letter sounds in them and some of the children are now blending sounds to read, these are in the back of the sound books.