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Welcome to Reception Class!



What we are learning this term

Our topic for this term is People Who Help Us. 

We will be talking about Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Dentists, Doctors, Nurses and Opticians.  We will have lots of fun making role play areas, dressing up and pretending to be people who help us.

We have some special and exciting days planned for Class Reception, such as a visit from the Police (Thursday 25th January) and a trip to Dewsbury Fire Station (Monday 29th January).


In maths, we are challenging ourselves to count all the way up to 20! We will begin to use language such as ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ to compare two groups of objects. Additionally, we will begin to solve problems based around addition and subtraction (or take-away!). We will also be looking at measurements this half term. For example, ‘longest’ and ‘shortest’ or ‘heaviest’ and ‘lightest’.

You can help by using language such as ‘more, fewer, add, plus, subtract, take-away’ to your child so that they become familiar with these words. You could also try some practical addition or subtraction activities by using their toys to complete a number problem.


In Literacy, we will be learning how to write a sentence using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Most of us can segment words now and can read simple words and sentences. We will be continuing our one to one reading where books are sent home, but we are also beginning to incorporate some group reading in to our timetable. 

You can help by modelling how to say a full sentence to your child and how it should be written. Practice blending words with your child so that they can read simple words.


In phonics, we are continuing to learn our Set 1 and some of us are learning out Set 2 sounds. We use our sound books that we take home to encourage learning the sounds that we learn and then we move onto blending sounds to make words to read. 


Our topic this half term is ‘People Who Help Us’. These people include the Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Doctors and Nurses, and our family and friends. We will explore each role and what they do. We will learn through role-play, focused but fun activities and trips/visits from these very helpful people! 


Please make sure that your child has a PE kit on a Monday morning as this is our PE session.

Nathan and Finley will be coming in once a week during our PE session. During these sessions, we will be learning how to travel in different ways, how to balance and how to throw items.


Class Reception will have the opportunity to create another project this half term based on our topic ‘People Who Help Us’.

The children will continue to bring home their reading books and if they read at home please sign their books so that they can move up the reading rocket and come into school in non-uniform. We also send home sound books that have new letter sounds in them and some of the children are now blending sounds to read, these are in the back of the sound books.

Parents can help by creating either a poster, a model or even a fact file all about the people who help us. These people include parents, friends, teachers, firefighters and so on.



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