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Welcome to Class 6!



This half term, children will be continuing reading ‘The Girl of Ink & Stars.’ They will write a persuasive leaflet for their theme parks they designed last half term. Children will also revisit some of the genres from earlier in the year to prepare for their final assessments.

Encourage children to read at home regularly.


This half term, pupils will be learning about the United Kingdom.


Children will complete their learning on the human body before moving onto our topic of light.

Other information

Little Deer Wood residential: 25th-26th June

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and speak to myself or Mrs Trigg.



Pupils will be putting into practice many of the skills they have learnt this year as well as starting coding and programming. 


Children will continue to have PE twice a week – on a Monday and Tuesday.


Children will continue learning year 5/6 words and spelling patterns.

Please ensure children learn their spellings each week.


This half term, year 6 will be focusing on statistics and problem solving. Additionally, the next few weeks will see more cross-curricular maths,  applying it to real life style budgeting in PSHCE as well as in topic and science.


Children will continue to receive homework every week on a Tuesday, due in the following Monday.

Children will also soon be receiving lines for their leaver’s production.

Support and encourage children to complete their homework.

Help children in learning their lines.

Ensure children read regularly at home.


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