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Welcome to Class 4!



This half term we will be focusing on the book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ which is about Rainforests and deforestation. We will be writing Just So Stories about how animals got a certain feature e.g. How the Jaguar got its spots.

At home the children could research and find out more about Rainforests and deforestation. 


PE is on a Monday morning, this half term the children will be learning about invasion games and learning to play these such as bench ball, football and rugby. 

We will continue to go swimming on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure all children have the correct kit including swimming caps.




In Science we will be learning about the digestive system. We will learn about the role of teeth and the importance of keeping them healthy. We will also carry on some investigations around teeth erosion and how the digestive system works. 


In Computing we will be focusing and improving on our ICT skills such as word, excel and power point. We will also be setting up our own DB primary accounts. 


Children are given maths and English homework on a Friday which is due the following Tuesday.

Spellings are given weekly on a Friday and are due before the following Friday. Children are tested on these spellings so please ensure they are learning these at home.


In Maths we will be focusing on mental and written methods for multiplication. We will be learning how to multiply by 99p, using known facts for multiplication and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 

At home children could practice their times table to ensure they know them, including division facts. 


Our topic is climates around the world, we will be taking a whistle stop tour around the world to learn about rainforests, deserts, tundra, grasslands, mountains and woodlands. We will learn about the animals and plants that live in these places and how they are changing. 



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